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Governing Terms. This statement contains the standard terms for our engagement with you as part of your care through The Anodyne Centre (trading under PMAP Australia Pty Ltd, ABN: 25 617 889 488). Please review this statement carefully and contact us promptly if you have any questions. You can accept/not accept and consent/not consent to these terms as part of signing the Patient Registration form prior to your first appointment. 

For the purposes of this statement, “Us”, “Our”, and “We” refers to The Anodyne Centre and “You” and “Your” refers to you, the patient, visitor, client, website user or person using our website.

Privacy of information. As a provider of healthcare services it is important that you are aware of how any personal information collected by The Anodyne Centre is used. The personal information collected is that deemed necessary to best attend to, and treat the presenting health condition(s). Your personal information is primarily used within The Anodyne Centre, but sometimes it is used to ensure quality and continuity of health care for you. This means we will use the information you provide for your health condition, administrative purposes and/or billing. Depending on the circumstances your personal information may be partially or fully disclosed to others outside of The Anodyne Centre for the purpose of best managing your health condition. For example, when referring you to another medical practitioner or when requesting blood tests, scans, and itemising accounts for Medicare.

Freedom of information. All patient files that include your personal information, test results etc. are the property of The Anodyne Centre.  However, should you choose to visit another Doctor at any time, copies of the appropriate files can be forwarded on receipt of your written request.  Under no circumstance will this practice divulge personal information without your prior written consent or unless required by law. If you would like a copy of your patient file please contact Ms Rebecca Farcic on (08) 6166 3788 or [email protected]. Any request for release of information will be in accordance with the respective Australian Federal and State based laws and legislation.

Bookings. Any bookings, appointments or procedures will not be effected until confirmed in writing by us. 

Consultation fees. The Anodyne Centre is a private billing practice. If you are responsible for the account, we require payment on the day of your appointment. A receipt will be issued to enable you to claim a rebate from Medicare or alternatively your claim can be submitted electronically by our staff. For third party, motor vehicle insurance and Worker’s Compensation accounts we require written confirmation from the third party that they will cover the costs prior to the appointment date. If this is not provided before your appointment, or if the third party does not provide payment, please be aware that you will be responsible for payment of the account. We direct bill all Department of Veteran Affairs card holders. Certain medical assessments (e.g. legal reports) are not claimable from Medicare and may require payment before completion. Consultations that exceed the expected time are charged in accordance with a higher rate. If you require any further information regarding costs please ask our reception staff.

Payment methods. We accept payment via the following payment methods: cash, Eftpos, Visa or MasterCard.

Missed, cancelled and/or late attendance of appointment(s). When you make an appointment you are making a commitment to attend. As such an account will be prepared for the allotted time. This will be in accordance with the established fee structure. If you need to cancel an appointment we request a minimum of 2 working days prior notice to the scheduled appointment. This will allow other patients waiting for these appointments to make arrangements to attend. The full cost of the consultation fee will apply when a scheduled appointment is missed or cancelled within this time frame. This cannot be claimed from Medicare. The Anodyne Centre will consider reducing or waiving the cancellation fee if there were medical reasons for cancelling or missing your appointment. You may be required to provide medical certification. If you are late attending to your appointment you may be seen only for the remaining period of your allotted appointment to allow other patients the allotted time of their consultations. This may mean that your consultation may not be completed. If your appointment is cancelled by us, no cancellation fee will be payable. If there has been any pre-payment of an appointment or procedure that has been cancelled by us you will receive a refund in full with no deductions or fees applicable.

Procedure fees. Most of our doctors are no gap providers for most health funds if you have at least a Bronze level (with pain management included) of cover. There may be a gap payment if you are insured with HIF. The Anodyne Centre is not responsible for any out-of-pocket costs incurred from the anaesthetist, radiographer, hospital costs or any hospital excess arrangement you may have with your Health Insurer. We can provide you with item numbers to check with your Health Insurer and the anaesthetist’s details if you wish to contact them. Please check with your health insurance provider prior to your procedure if you have any concerns regarding costs. If you do not have private health insurance, third party insurance coverage or you are directly responsible for the costs of the procedure then you will be required to pay for your procedure in full before the procedure is booked. If you are insured with HIF then there may be a gap payment that you will have to pay prior to the procedure being booked. Any cancellations within 48 hours of the procedure that is not due to medical or procedure specific reason(s) will have their payment forfeited. You may be required to provide medical certification. There may be a cancelation fee applied if the reason for non-attendance was not for medical or procedure specific reasons. Any rescheduling of the procedure will be invoiced as a new procedure.

Refunds. Once a service has been provided by any professional employed by The Anodyne Centre, we are unable to provide any refund. 

Referrals. It is your responsibility to ensure your referral is up to date in order to access a Medicare rebate.  Referral from another specialist lasts three months.  GP referrals last twelve months unless they are marked “indefinite” in which case no further referral is required. Please check with our reception staff when your referral is due to expire. If your referral is not up to date at the time of your appointment then you will not be able to claim a Medicare rebate on your consultation fee. 

Prescriptions. FOR STIMULANT, OPIOID AND OTHER SCHEDULE 8 MEDICATIONS, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO SEE THE DOCTOR FOR YOUR PRESCRIPTION RENEWAL. Prescriptions can be requested outside of appointments under special circumstances. Please note that not all prescriptions (e.g. opioids, stimulants and other schedule 8 medications) can be faxed and posted to your nominated pharmacy. There will be a $22 fee for prescriptions requested out of appointment times and must be paid for at the time of collection. Alternatively, you can request your prescriptions at the time of your consultation or consult your General Practitioner for repeat prescriptions.

Reminder system. The Anodyne Centre uses a reminder system to help you maintain your health. The practice sends reminders by post, email, telephone, voicemail and/or SMS for appointments and other health reviews. You are free to consent/not consent to this as part of your initial appointment registration process. 

Patient authorisation to access medical records. In order to assist us with the management of your health condition we may request authorisation to gather information from other health care providers. You are free to consent/not consent to this as part of your initial appointment registration process.

Guardianship, Administration, Public Advocate, Enduring Power of Attorney and/or Advanced Health Directive patients. If you have a guardian, administrator, enduring power of attorney, public advocate and/or an Advanced Health Directive in place, it is your responsibility to advise us of this. This is a requirement to ensure you receive the appropriate health care through The Anodyne Centre. 

If you have any questions regarding these terms of engagement please contact us at (08) 6166 3788 or via email at [email protected] with attention to our Operations Manager, Ms Rebecca Farcic.